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The Gear I Use

The Gear Geekazine Uses

My gear is ever-changing. I have products that have been in my arsenal since day one, along with new gear that I just got yesterday. As technology moves forward, we get new and awesome products that can replace others (like how a smartphone has replaced so many things).

Here is the gear I use on a daily basis. 


PTZOptics Camera
  • Sony Handicam 4K cameras: High-quality 4K video gear I use for capturing crystal-clear footage. Perfect for both professional and personal video projects. I usually use at my desk when on Zoom, or recording desktop application reviews.
  • PTZOptics Cameras: Versatile PTZ video gear I use for professional-grade live streaming. Ideal for capturing wide shots and smooth transitions in live broadcasts. I can use it to set up a great 2-3 camera stream or record and with AI be able to have cameras move on their own.
  • OBSBOT Tail Air NDI : Wireless, NDI, and adjustable. I can use this in many ways, mostly to put a camera where larger cameras cannot go. I can also use with Power over Ethernet to get a solid video signal back to the streaming device.
  • DJI Osmo Pocket: Compact, portable video gear I use for stabilized 4K recording on the go. Great for travel and quick video shoots with impressive quality. I use for CES, NAB, and other conferences in recording booths and quick one-on-one content.
  • Insta360 One: Innovative 360-degree video gear I use for immersive video experiences. Excellent for creating dynamic and engaging content that captures everything around you. Great for capturing B-roll and with software, you can convert to HD content!

Video Capture

  • Magewell Quad Capture: Reliable video gear I use for capturing multiple video sources simultaneously. Essential for complex live productions and multi-camera setups. Great one-two punch for video.
  • NDI: Efficient network video gear I use for seamless video production and broadcasting. Enhances workflow by allowing video to be shared over a local network. This is the “Two” part in the punch.

Special Computer Hardware

Elgato Stream Deck
  • Elgato Stream Deck: Essential video accessory I use for customizing and controlling my live streams. Makes live production easier with programmable buttons for quick actions. With Companion, I can build up a deck to control software and PTZ cameras.

Streaming Software

  • Wirecast: Robust live streaming video gear I use for high-quality broadcast production. Offers professional tools for streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously. Works on Mac or PC.
  • vMix: Powerful video gear I use for advanced live video mixing and streaming. Provides a range of features for professional video production and live streaming. More robust features when working on the cloud.


  • Sony Wireless receiver: Reliable wireless video gear I use for clear and uninterrupted audio. Ensures high-quality sound for all my video projects and live broadcasts.
  • This Headset Microphone: Noisy rooms require a microphone to be close to the mouth. This inexpensive headset does the job, and will work with multiple wireless units (with a cable change).
  • iRig Pro Duo I/O Interface: Portable audio-video gear I use for high-quality sound recording. Versatile and compatible with various devices for on-the-go production.


  • Fositan Studio LED Fabric Light: Lightweight video lighting gear I use for road studio setups. Provides consistent and adjustable lighting for high-quality streams. Compact, and with a 2.4GHz remote can be controlled.
  • Neewer Studio LED Lights: My studio lights because they are bright, adjustable, and can do 3000-6000K lighting. Essential for creating a well-lit environment for video streaming.

Video Editing

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Comprehensive suite of video editing gear I use for professional content creation. Includes powerful AI tools for video editing, graphic design, and more – making my job easier.
  • DaVinci Resolve: Advanced video editing gear I use for color correction and professional-grade editing. Ideal for creating polished, high-quality video content.
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