Supertooth Disco Bluetooth Speakerbar

Supertooth Disco

Supertooth Disco

Remember those boom boxes of the 80’s? Big and bulky, with a and tape player. Now, we have smaller devices and thousands of songs on . But our smaller devices really don’t sound better than the big bulky boomboxes.

Not anymore.

The Supertooth Disco lets you play from your iPod, iPad or with a system that is portable and easy to hold.

The Supertooth Disco is a Bluetooth device that can be charged up, so you have no wires when you use it. If you don’t have Bluetooth on your device, you can connect via a stereo headphones jack.

The Disco has a 28 Watt with 12 Watt Subwoofer. The Disco also has a Ni MH power pack, with of up to 500 hours and up to 4 hours play time at full volume.

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With a portable case, this device can be taken anywhere. You can control the either through the device, or the controls (if connected to Bluetooth).

Pairing is just like any other device – turn on the Disco, find the connection with Bluetooth 2.0 and put in the key code. Then start playing your music.

It’s range is also impressive. I took the device about 100 feet away before I noticed any issue. So moving the around the house is not an issue.

The price of the Supertooth Disco is also pretty impressive. I have seen prices at $100 for this device.

So if you need a good speaker system for your iPhone, or maybe a TV or with bad sound, then the Supertooth Disco is a pretty good option.

This is a unbias review – http://cmp./2/p9ta8c

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