Installing a Tronical Tuner on My Epiphone Guitar

Last month I installed a Tronical Tuner on my guitar. If you’ve seen them on Gibson guitars, it’s labeled “Min-E Tune”. It takes about an hour to do, and fairly straightforward. So let’s get into it.

What is Tronical Tuner

This is a device that will self-tune the guitar. Similar to those clip-on tuners, the device will take it one step further and tell each tuning peg whether to fix a flat or sharp string.

To do this, it needs to replace the tuning pegs on the guitar. The new pegs have a small motor inside that will turn when you run the tuner. Simply press a button, then strum the guitar. The device will get you ready within seconds.

Tronical Tuner

Tronical Tuner

Installing the Tronical Tuner

You can get this done when it’s time to change your strings. You’ll need a wrench and screwdriver to take off the old pegs. Tronical Tuner supplies a wrench for the new pegs. The other end of the wrench allows you to tighten the tuning peg caps – a slightly different approach than what you might be used to, but it will make sure the strings won’t fall out as you are replacing the string.

The tuner contains 6 pegs and the tuning plate. Depending on the type of guitar, the pegs will have to line up with the connectors so the device can tell the peg to tighten or loosen.

Different Types of Tuning Options

For those who tune in Eb, Drop D, or another tuning system, Tronical Tuner can do that. Pressing a key combination on the back panel will allow you to change the tuning on your guitar.


Some guitars also have an option for PowerTune, a newer tuner that connects to your iOS device and let’s you choose the tuning you need. The interface is a screen that will tell you the note it’s tuning to, and if it’s flat, sharp, or in tune.

Many different Guitar Models available for acoustic, electric, or smaller acoustic guitars. Prices will depend on the guitar model. Get Tronical Tuner here, or check the website to see if your guitar tuner is available.

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