Monoprice Headphone Amplifier, Cherry Marble Foothill Flat Top Acoustic Guitar

As a musician, I enjoy items that work and are low cost. My friends at sent me a guitar and personal amplifier to check out. Both I’ve been using regularly to practice and perform.

Rechargeable Mini for Guitar

This is a nice little item to have in your case to use in practice when you want to be as quiet as you can. The Monoprice mini-headphone amp allows you to work on songs without bothering anyone else.

The one-piece design allows you to plug the amp into the guitar and the headphones into the amp. You can also plug another source (like an iPad or MP3 player) as to play along with backing tracks or learn new songs.

The headphone amplifier also has a tone, volume and blend dials so you can mix the music with your sound and not blast out your ears.

The best part is the internal battery. Simply plug the USB to a charging port (including a laptop USB if available). Once the unit is charged, you can start jamming again.

For $19.95, this makes a great gift for any musician! There are other amp options including with Delay and overdrive.

Foothill Flat Top Acoustic / with EQ – Cherry Red Burst

Monoprice Foothill Flat Top Acoustic

Monoprice Foothill Flat Top Acoustic

Another item in Monoprice’s stable are acoustic and electric guitars. This includes the Foothill Flat Top Acoustic that I have been using for the last few months. Perfect for anyone from a home player to an active gig musician.

I have been using this guitar in my performances. I can also have 2 guitars at a gig for backup purposes.

The Foothill Flat Top Acoustic comes with a simple case and a letter of Authenticity. The body is made of Mahogany and Spruce, with a Rosewood fretboard.

The guitar also has a piezzoelectric pickup with 3-band EQ and presence options.

The guitar is available for $139 (other models available, too).

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