Next Generation Technology Concepts at Panasonic House

One thing SXSW Interactive brings out is some great concepts and prototypes. I seem to get to try more here than any other conference. was there to show off some great concepts for , clothes, and even a way to become a better presenter.

There were several products in the house. I focused on four of them.

Bento, MonStyle, A.M.P. and the Social Appearance Coaching Device at the Panasonic House SXSW

Bento, MonStyle, A.M.P. and the at the Panasonic House SXSW

In the Video

We look at Bento, A.M.P, MonStyle and a Social Device. All but the device is ready for the public.

Bento @ YourOffice

Imagine you forgot your lunch or it got crushed in the great subway accident of 2017. No worries! Simply pull out your smartphone and order via Bento. At lunch time, you simply scan your QR code on the phone to a refrigerator that contains your purchase. No waiting for drivers that are overwhelmed with other orders.

Bento uses a smart locker approach when it’s time to retrieve your food.

A.M.P. ()

Moving photo frames is not a new concept, but A.M.P. is working to get your a more relaxed environment. These are not meant as a TV, but more of a platform to enhance the living space. You first use the app to figure out your mood – happy, sad, stressed, etc. The screens will emit video and sound that help with your mood, either to enhance or diminish.

Ambient Players come in multiple sizes and also come with a control disc to change the video or adjust volume. Starting at $3,000, this system gives you a break from your urban lifestyle.


You might not want to run the washer, or you simply have delicate clothing. Style is derived from the French term. The system uses water vapor to clean the garment. Put in a detergent and an effector, then let the garment get cleaned. It does take 6 hours for a cycle, but if you need to clean a blouse or jacket for the next day, this is perfect.

High-end hotels could even see this in the rooms because it’s really easy to refresh your clothes for the next day. It will be priced under $2,000 with the detergent and effector sticks at $1 each.

Social Appearance Coaching Device

O.K. It’s a glowing bra. But there is more to this undergarment that meets the eye. This device is a new way to help you when you are presenting. The device is still in rough prototype mode and doesn’t have a name yet. But you wear this device as you present and it helps you from fidgeting, slouching, and moving too much. The device will monitor your stress to help improve your communication skills.

About Panasonic

The (GCCatapult) is an incubator for new innovations. Other ideas at the house included the Ferment, Sake Cooler, CaloR/eco, and Sleepwise. All of these products are being developed though the help of Panasonic to get to market. To find out more about this program, visit


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