Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Attachment, Case for iPhone 6, 6 Plus

Olloclip and Accessories

Olloclip and Accessories

I have worked with lens adapters for phones and handheld cameras for a few years. Some work well while others fall short. Olloclip is one of those devices that work very well for your iPhone. With the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, they have recreated the clip not only for easy connection, but also for easy storage.

The Olloclip is a 4-in-1 lens adapter for your main camera and front-facing camera. The design allows you to flip it around and use how you need it. There are two lenses – a Telephoto and a Fish-Eye lens. The Telephoto lets you get close up without sticking the device in someone’s face. The Fish-Eye captures a larger area in a convex picture. Perfect for group shots or capturing larger buildings. The lens does cause a little distortion, but most photo and video programs can adjust that out nowadays.

Also in the box you get a series of clip-ons for the Olloclip to store. Two lens caps and a cloth case if you want to put it in your pocket. There is also an insert in the Olloclip which you have to remove for either iPhone 6 plus, or if you are like me you have a screen protector on your iPhone 6. Removing that piece will allow you to slip onto the phone.

Olloclip also has a handy iPhone case with an opening that allows the clip to easily seat. You don’t need the case, but it comes in very handy.

Pros and Cons of OlloClip 4-in-1

Most of the cons are really from the iPhone. I normally shoot in 1080p 60fps. While the main camera can do 60 fps, the front-face camera only does 30. Therefore, this video is not as crisp as my others. If I was shooting solely from the front, that might be a different story.

The only wish in my list would be to have strings on the lens caps. I can then attach to the clip or the lenses so I don’t lose them. Otherwise, this is an easy to add, easy to store device. I can flip the lens over easily to continue my shooting if needed.

The Olloclip 4-in-1 is around $80 and comes in different colors. The case is an additional $29.99. If you shoot video and photos like I do, the clip is well worth the price.

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