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Saramonic Smart Mixer

Smart Mixer

A couple months ago I purchased the Saramonic Smart Mixer for my phone and have been happy with the results for covering live shows. While at NAB I stopped by the Saramonic booth to find out what other great products they have for my video and audio production on the go.

Turns out Saramonic has a lot of great audio solutions – wired and wireless. I started with the SmartMixer 2 channel Audio Mixer Kit for iOS or Android. As I was recording via the device, you can hear how this cuts out background noise to get the interview.



I looked at a very interesting microphone for GoPro cameras for $35They also have lavaliere microphones if you do vlogging or simple on-camera spots. I then went over the large array of DSLR Camera Microphone Pre-Amps, such as the SR-AX101. You can attach two handheld microphones, one handheld and one boom microphone, or two wireless microphones to get the interview. It’s small form factor allows you to place under the camera to keep the footprint low.



And if you need wireless microphones, the Saramonic UWMIC10 gives you up to 96 selectable channels so you don’t get interference from other wireless sources. Best part is it’s half the price of some brand name body systems.

A wide selection of microphones and pre-amps for any situation. I am happy with my Smart Mixer and will definitely be looking at some of the other solutions for my portable camera rig.


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