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These Japanese Robots Can Exercise And Even Sweat

It’s not every day that you see robots doing sit-ups, nevermind doing sit-ups to the point where they actually break a sweat. What manner of hell are these scientists unleashing on us? Do they expect robots to train in robo-gyms and get buff before chasing us all down with these muscles and taking over the world? It sure seems like it, but these scientists claim this is important to aid in research for better crash test dummies and in other fields. These robots have anatomically correct musculoskeletal structures like spinal joints and their body mass and proportions resemble that of a human’s. These two robots specifically are named Kenshiro, modeled on a 13-year-boy, and Kengoro, a newer robot that is slightly heavier. These robots do actual workouts and Kengoro even sweats like a human. The sweating feature is designed to cool the bot. Watch as these bots perform...

Motorla MOTOACTV: A Fitness Training Watch – CES 2012

Motorla MOTOACTV: A Fitness Training Watch – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSStopping by the Motorola booth, we saw a bunch of people riding bikes, running on treadmills and more. The reason why? Motorola announced the MOTOACTV. A new Smart watch. Jeffrey from Motorola showed off the world’s first GPS fitness tracker and smart music player. You can wear on your wrist, or connect to a bike. It will keep track of the calories, steps, and more. You can hook it up to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and be able to track your results, which you can download to the computer and put up on the Motorola MOTOACTV website (which you can share with your friends). Get MOTOACTV on Amazon The built-in MP3 player also can determine which songs affect your exercise. The performance playlist will help you power through. You can also set a “Fit song”, which could help you when...