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Keyboard Fidget Spinners

I’ll be honest, I find the whole fidget spinner thing to be stupid. Do you really need a toy to fidget with? Are you nervous? Can you not just practice some self control? Anyway, just when you thought that the fidget spinner craze was over, they pull you back in. Notice I said you, not me. Meet the latest in fidgeting technology. keyboard fidget spinners. A company called Hammer has unveiled a series of replaceable fidget spinner key caps for your keyboard. So feel free to fidget the day away as your type and get your work done. Just replace your keycaps with these little helicopters and go to town my friends. These will not be good for those who practice the hunt and peck method of typing since these replacement keys don’t come labeled in any way. However, the rest of you can type, spin your little...

ChromaKey using ReflecMedia light, backdrop

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSMost of us that use Chromakey have painted a wall green or blue. But what if you didn’t have to paint a wall? What if you could put down a grey backdrop, then, with a light, create the chromakey so you can wear that green shirt or blue pants? ReflecMedia has a great solution for your chromakey need. Using a specialized backdrop and a ring-style light around the camera, the backdrop turns the color of the light. A simple system starts at $1900.