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2013 Ford Escape with EcoBoost – First Drive [Video]

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOn a sunny day in San Francisco, we joined Ford Motor Company to take a first drive of the 2013 Ford Escape. While it’s not the Ford Mustang first drive, this was a very important drive, for whereas the car enthusiast will get a Mustang, the family will most likely get the Ford Escape. For driving the kids to school, or for towing the camper or boat to a weekend adventure. All in a 4 cylinder vehicle. 2013 Ford Escape 2 Liter EcoBoost We drove the 2 liter Escape on this drive in Northern San Francisco area. The Escape also comes in 1.6 liter, and 2.5 liter. All with EcoBoost – Ford’s technology to direct inject gasoline (wiki on EcoBoost). With new technologies added to this vehicle, you can drive the mountains of northern California (or anywhere) without worrying if you can get up that...

World’s Fastest Back Hoe, Roughest Phones at JCB 0

World’s Fastest Back Hoe, Roughest Phones at JCB

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWe geek out in many ways… JCB showed off many smartphones, but also their real Geek toy, the JCB Back hoe. It goes 60 MPH on paved roads and has full suspension system and ABS brakes. The Hoe weighs in at 15 tons, this 6.7 liter diesel Back Hoe can lift 2 tons and dig 13 feet deep. Most important, the Hoe can drag a JCB phone for miles… JCB Toughphones are meant for the worksite. They can be dropped from higher altitudes, smashed into more than the average consumer phone and still be functional. JCB tests all phones to impact, pressure, vibration, temperature, shock and even a Salt spray test! They even have lightweight phones that float on water. That way if you drop the phone, you are not doing any deep sea diving to go retrieve it. Thanks to Audible for...