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Help Geekazine Create Video

Geekazine works hard at getting to the conferences that matter. Jeffrey wants to bring out as much video interviews he can get. In the last year, Jeffrey has covered the following conferences:

  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
  • Midwest Gaming Classic
  • Social Media Club – Madison WI
  • Social Media Breakfast
  • Interop
  • BlogWorld & New Media Expo – New York
  • HP Discover
  • Forward with Ford

There are many other shows Jeffrey would like to cover. Even though he sometimes gets sponsors to cover some costs, he still has to pull out-of-pocket to get the events needed.

Jeffrey is hoping in the next year to expand his coverage to ComicCon, DragonCon, BlogWorld LA, E3 and hopefully SXSW.

This becomes an expensive task as hotel and travel alone can cost upwards to $20,000 for the year.

You can always help Jeffrey get to these shows. In return, Jeffrey has set some rewards for those who have contributed.

For those who contribute $1 or more

  • You will get accreditation for 1 year on If you have a website, I will post a link for your site. Names will be added per quarter.

For those who contribute $20 or more

  • Accreditation on site for 1 year
  • Accreditation on videos for 1 event *

For those who contribute $100 or more

  • Accreditation on site for 1 year
  • Accreditation on videos for 3 events *
  • Location to download videos

For those who contribute $500 or more

  • Everything stated as before plus
  • Executive Producer status for 1 year on events *
  • Gold Sponsor mention
  • Personal messages from Jeffrey Powers and Geekazine for the year.

Contribute for a whole event – Hotel, air, expense coverage.

  • Everything stated above plus
  • Your choice of conference
  • 30 second ad mention

* May not include videos that are created in partnership with other groups. In those cases, I will create individual video for only.

There are many other ways to contribute – Feel free to contact me for more information.

How to contribute

I accept Paypal and working on other venues to give you an opportunity to help out.

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