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This Link Does Not Exist on Geekazine Anymore [Info]

James Van Der Beek Dancing

Geekazine has been around for almost 5 years. We have posted many articles, and linked to viable sources. However, some sources purge their directories from time to time. Therefore, our pages contain broken links.

This link might have lead to the true secrets of life, eternal youth, how to make money fast, get a million page views, or to get lady Gaga’s cell phone number (or any celebrity cell phone number). Alas, the creator of those pages decided to take that information down, and now it is lost in time and space.

No matter what, this link doesn’t exist anymore.

If you are seeing this page after clicking on another link on Geekazine, that means this link has been found to be broken. Therefore, you come to this page. You can hit the back button, and get to where you were, or you can move forward with the many shows on Geekazine.

Then again, you can just stay here, and watch James Van Der Beek dance…

James Van Der Beek Dancing

Better yet, watch the new show – iPad365. It’s a video series all about apps for your iPad.

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