Online Book Rental Through Mail, Interview: Eric Ginsberg – Quickcast


You might be a Transumer. You might have or for your online movie rental. You might even have Gamefly for your rental. But how about your online Book rental? Well that is the of BookSwim – an online Book rental system.

Simply choose your plan, choose from the large library they have and get the books in the mail. No late fees – return at any time through the pre-pay envelopes. The next book will arrive shortly.


Eric Ginsberg -

In this interview, we talk with Eric Ginsberg – a teacher, musician and librarian that brought over some great ideas of online book rental to life months after BookSwim was created by George Burke and Shamoon Siddiqui. We talk with Eric and discuss the reasons why someone would use BookSwim as opposed to an e-reader, buying or just going to the Library to get books for Transummers.

Plans start at $3.95. are available for those you love, too.  If you are a Transumer – person who rents, consumes, then gives back – Bookswim will definitely fulfill the transummation of books.


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