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MAG redefines large scale battles – GameBreak 0

MAG redefines large scale battles – GameBreak

If you’re anything like me, you’ve played games like Halo and Modern Warfare and had wanted them to be bigger. You could switch to more realistic shooters like ARMA or Operation Flashpoint. But, unless you’re into super realistic shooters, where traveling to the destination and waiting for the moment to strike, you might be looking for something faster pace. MAG seems to blend more casual shooting games with large scale battles. And it does it beautifully. MAG doesn’t just up the map size, it also drastically increases the number of players in a single game. I’m not talking about games where they upgrade the players to 32. MAG has several game types that go all the way up to 256 (128v128) real players in a single game. Now granted, that is only one of the game modes and it takes a bit of playing to be able to...

Cowboys and Aliens, what’s not to love? 0

Cowboys and Aliens, what’s not to love?

If the title Cowboys and Aliens doesn’t spark something in you, then your imagination might need some tweaking. Just the idea of it was enough to get me interested from the start, then I saw the trailer and saw the people who was involved and I got really excited. So what happened? The film revolves around Daniel Craig as a cowboy with amnesia and a mysterious weapon attached to his wrist. And it’s not long before the aliens from the title make a appearance and the major conflict begins, bringing together western archetypes together to do what we all came for, kick ass. So with this all going on why was I just entertained by this film and not in love with it? Like to read before you watch? Get the Book Cowboys and Aliens I think it can be summed up in one word; potential. The main problem...

Captain America stirs up more anticipation for The Avengers 0

Captain America stirs up more anticipation for The Avengers

This is it, the last of Marvel’s single superhero focused movies that started way back in 2008 with Iron Man in a attempt to bring them all under one universe and set up The Avengers. So how does Captain America, a hero that could be argued is nothing more than a walking flag stand up to the other giants that have come before him? Plain and simple, this movie is fantastic. The movie’s pacing is absolutely brilliant, giving us plenty of time with pre-super serum Steve Rogers to learn what is behind the iconic Captain America. We are given a show of what a good and courageous person he is and why he was chosen above others who were much more qualified for becoming the first super soldier. That doesn’t mean this movie is without it’s action. From moments after Steve Rogers is injected with the serum the...

More Cheap Video Games – Gamebreak 2

More Cheap Video Games – Gamebreak

Now that the Steam summer sales have been over for a couple of days, I thought I’d give you another round of cheap games to help fill your shelves. If you are looking for more deals, Gamestop is having daily sales on PC games here Cheap Video Game List Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) Bioware is arguably the make of some best RPGs since for years. One of their latest series focuses on a science fiction epic that is all about how your decisions are supposed to have a lasting impact not only in the game they take place in, but the rest of the series. Focusing on the great characters Bioware is known for and giving you real head–scratching decisions puts this up there with any of their other games. Mass Effect 2 fixed what some would say was the only lack luster part of...

Cheap Video Games for the Summer drought – GameBreak 2

Cheap Video Games for the Summer drought – GameBreak

During the summer months it’s rare to see a game release that interests you enough to make the purchase of a full priced new game. So many of us are left with little to nothing to do during that time. Replaying the same game we’ve played four times already or just waiting for fall for the good games to come out again. Here’s a few good games that could help keep you entertained and inside during those hot months. For more great deals check out the daily sales that are going on today, July 1st through July 10th on Steam here. Cheap Video Game List Demon Souls (PS3) One of the toughest games in recent memory, Demon Souls allows players to experience old fashion dungeon crawling at its finest. You slowly make your way through this punishing game, picking from one of its ten classes going through beautifully...

World of Warcraft offers free ‘Starter Edition’ – GameBreak 0

World of Warcraft offers free ‘Starter Edition’ – GameBreak

The biggest MMO known to man or beast has released a more in depth and arguably a ‘better’ introduction to the game that has been dominating the market for nearly seven years. Originally Blizzard offered a 14 day free trial to it’s cash cow World of Warcraft. However, now it’s giving players something better; it’s giving players free game play up to level 20 for those who obtain it through their online store. That means you can take as long as you want getting there, testing the game out from different angles, before finally getting to the point where you need to make the decision to buy the game or not. Mind you there are some restrictions. You can only amass 10 gold on your character, can only get trade skills up to level 100, and are unable to trade with auction houses, mail boxes, or other players....

Team Fortress 2 goes Free-to-Play – GameBreak 2

Team Fortress 2 goes Free-to-Play – GameBreak

One of the most popular online shooter games has gone free-to-play? Where do I sign up? Rumors have been going around for a couple weeks, but now Valve has released Team Fortress 2 as free-to-play. Originally only designed to be a 2 week free trial for people to experience the games new micro transaction system that they dubbed ‘Mann-conomy‘. They then made the game permanently free-to-play. Valve says that their sole source of funding moving forward will now be this micro transaction system. Which will let players spend real money on in game items like weapon kits or outfits for the classes. So if for some reason you missed out on this great game the past few years, you now have no excuse to pass this one up. Go get your copy and I’ll see you online. Team Fortress 2 Steam Page:

Arkham Horror Review (board game) – GameBreak 0

Arkham Horror Review (board game) – GameBreak

Mad cultists, evil warlocks, eldritch horrors, and star spawn are spewing forth from all corners of town and you along with a small group of people have to stop them! Ever have one of those days? If you’ve ever played Arkham Horror you’ve probably had a few of these days. Arkham Horror is a board game from Fantasy Flight Games, set deep within the Cthulu Mythos originated with the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Arkham Horror pits you and up to seven of your fellow investigators friends, against an old god and tasks you with closing the portals that open up around the city as well as to deal with the monsters that spew from them. Arkham Horror is a pretty tough game. Not only do you have to have to manage your health and sanity, but you also must manage clue tokens, monster trophies, weapons, items, spells, and...

Dragon Age 2 Review (Xbox 360) – GameBreak 1

Dragon Age 2 Review (Xbox 360) – GameBreak

Stepping off the heels of Dragon Age Origins would be a big challenge for anyone. I’m sure I’m not the only one that waited eagerly to see if Bioware could do what we all know they are capable of. So did it live  up to the hype? Am I eagerly waiting for any DLC that will come next? Or did this turn me off enough that I almost didn’t finish? Right away I noticed was how streamlined everything had become. Instead of having a list of races to choose from, you pick a male or female human with the last name Hawke. A friend of mine complained, saying this took away from a lot of the choices the game gave you. In replacement though, the main character now has voiced dialog. So I was alright with the trade. Dragon Age 2 picks up right after the attack on...