World of Warcraft offers free ‘Starter Edition’ – GameBreak

If you don't know this game, where have you been?

If you don't know this game, where have you been?

The biggest MMO known to man or beast has released a more in depth and arguably a ‘better’ introduction to the game that has been dominating the market for nearly seven years.

Originally Blizzard offered a 14 day to it’s cash cow . However, now it’s giving players something better; it’s giving players free game play up to level 20 for those who obtain it through their online store. That means you can take as long as you want getting there, testing the game out from different angles, before finally getting to the point where you need to make the decision to buy the game or not.

Mind you there are some restrictions. You can only amass 10 gold on your character, can only get trade skills up to level 100, and are unable to trade with auction houses, mail boxes, or other players.

For a full list of restrictions and more information on this sweet deal check out this link.

In addition to this also announced that they are packaging with it’s first expansion, The Burning Crusades, in a single 20 dollar package. Anyone who had previously purchased WoW will be granted a free copy of The Burning Crusades.

So if for some reason you’ve been able to avoid this freight train of a game for the past seven years, you may finally have to dip your toe in and see what you think.

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