Dropbox Turns into Social Network with Frenzy for Mac



Dropbox is a Cloud service that allows you to place and retrieve files wherever you are. Since it’s inception in 2008, Dropbox has been a great way to share pictures, documents and more. But I never expected it to become a Social Network, too.

Frenzy is an application for Mac OS X (what, no Windows?) that sits in the menubar and monitors the Dropbox shares. You add your friends to your lists. When you share a file, they can get notified. When they share or update a file, you can get notified. You can even update statuses and find out what is going on with the friends or colleagues in your network. Frenzy is a great option for those Small businesses that need to share files and communicate, but don’t want to do that through Facebook or Twitter.

The Reality is:

Frenzy will be a great way for Mac users to use Dropbox. However, it really needs to be on Windows and Linux as well – especially if Frenzy wants businesses to use it. I know it’s in the first beta right now, so I am hoping they see this need. A lot of times I use Cloud services to transfer a file from PC to Mac or vise-versa.

Frenzy is a free application through it’s beta period.


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