Adrian Grenier Talks Sustainable Product Website

Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier talks about

While at Go Further with , we learned about sustainable products. Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase: ) joined the panel talking about options for , biodegradable and recyclable parts, etc.

Adrian also talked about his website, which gives people making sustainable products a place to promote themselves. For instance, on the website, they show a park bench that was made from salvaged shipping pallets. SHFT also talks about Robert Moses Joyce and what a vision quest looks like, and many other products and visions of those giving back to the environment.

SHFT is co-founded by Peter Glatzer, who was also at the event. The site contains some top talent, including Arianna Huffington and Richard Branson on the , and backed by Ford, , , , and more.

It was a great discussion with Adrian, and I thank him for his time.

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