Dell To Enter Smartphone Market

Reuters reports that Dell is working on an Android phone for the U. S. market to be distributed by . (They credit the Wall Street Journal with breaking the story.)

    . . . have exploded onto the corporate and consumer market as users increasingly access information and entertainment on the go.

    Worldwide factory shipments of smart phones are expected to rise to 235.6 million units in 2010, up 27.9 percent from 184.2 million in 2009, according to iSuppli. That is a far cry from a 12.3 percent decline projected for overall in 2009.

    But analysts warn that the world’s No. 2 PC maker would face a tough challenge in a market already crowded with competition. On Wednesday, South Korea’s Samsung said it would also begin selling an Android phone through Sprint Nextel’s network.

As much as I like Dells–until my son moved out, there were five in the house– cannot woo me to AT&T. I’m very happy with my current cellphone carrier, who I’ve been with for almost a decade and who has always done stuff like actually answer the phone in less than a minute when I’ve had to call them and been able to answer my questions promptly and accurately, all this at a reasonable price and with unlimited roaming.

I know persons who have iPhones. iPhones are really really neat gadgets (although the Apple walled garden approach to life does give me pause).

As far as I am concerned, my cellphone service is not just about the cellphone. It’s also about the service. The calibre of my carrier’s service has earned my loyalty.

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