Popular Wearable Tech Trends for 2015?

Would you buy a wristband that continuously purifies the air while you are running? If you like gadgets like this, you are going to love the following ideas. A few of these gadget ideas could possibly make an appearance in the future, so keep your eye out for them. However, some of these devices are already on the market.

A Wristband Unlike Any Other

, an inventor, designed an that can be worn on your wrist all day long. You can wear this device while running, or use it while taking a stroll through the mall. The technology behind this wristband is similar to a regular . It vacuums up the polluted air within its range, and releases the freshly filtered air back into the area. Alexandr’s design comes with a refillable carbon filter and a .

An Anklet to Track Your Running Progress

For those of you who enjoy the popular wrist devices that track your daily activities, you will be excited about this new anklet that measures your running performance. This smart device is similar to other devices that track your daily activities like calories burned, distance walked and more. You simply put this device around your ankle, and it tucks underneath the provided socks. It can give you extensive feedback on your running style and even how you land on your feet while running.

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Wearable and Accessories

Fashion trends are always changing, and now technology is making an impact on clothing style. Inventors are toying with the idea of having solar panels integrated into a garment. These panels would remain flexible enough for you to wear all day long. Imagine charging your cell phone to a half-full charge. Just spend an hour in this shirt, and the sun will charge it for you. There are also handbags that have this solar-powered technology.

Video Glasses and Their Benefits

Many companies are creating their own video glasses. There are some on the market today that will allow you to watch 2-D and 3-D videos, even if you don’t have a video screen. These glasses connect to a variety of devices, such as HDMI Blu-ray players, your mobile phone and much more. The glasses will need a 3-D player in order for you to watch content that pops out at you. Most of the glasses that are available today will come with adjustable nose pads and frames. A lot of them include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to always keep them charged up and available for use. You can usually get four or five hours of use before it will need to be charged again. These glasses will project a screen that resembles a movie theater screen directly in front of you, so you will always have the best seat in the theater. Many designs even include their own headphones.

Glove Tricorder

If you like to bar hop with a couple of friends, look into the Glove Tricorder. This smart-glove will inform you of how drunk you really are. There’s no fooling this device either. Unfortunately, you can’t use the device to heal you from a bad hangover.

Wearable Tech Festival Fashion of the Future

Wearable Tech Festival Fashion of the Future

Via Crunchwear

A lot of these devices depend on a smartphone to give you detailed feedback. Some of these items are further along in accuracy than others. It’s a smart idea to research and consult your doctor before you try some of these devices, in case you have an underlying health risk.

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