Kids Walker Exoskeleton – Your 5 Year Old Wants Your Lunch Money

Remember the exoskeleton suit in Avatar that Col. Miles Quaritch got into or the suit that Obadiah Stane used in Iron Man? Thought to yourself – I want one? Well, maybe you can get that for not only you, but also your kids.

Kids Walker Exoskeleton Suit

Kids Walker Exoskeleton Suit

The Kids Walker Exoskeleton suit is a big mechanical robot that you control. Sit down in the chair and navigate through the foot pedals and hand joysticks.

And yes – this model is meant for Kids.

The company – Sakakibara – not only makes exoskeletons, but also food mixing machines. Pretty interesting combination.

The other exoskeleton looks like ED209 from RoboCop. They also have other toys at the plant, like a really cool skateboard looking transport.

The Kids Walker doesn’t really walk – it rolls while the legs move around looking like it’s walking. The functionality is really limited, but it’s a toy – don’t expect it to remove trees from the back yard.

Just look at what you are sitting on. It’s a restaurant – style chair with no seatbelt.

But your kids won’t be able to save allowance for this. The price tag is $21,000. Don’t expect it to replace a Segway anytime soon. Still, it would be pretty cool to tool around in this vehicle.

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