Kids Walker Exoskeleton – Your 5 Year Old Wants Your Lunch Money

Remember the exoskeleton suit in that Col. Miles Quaritch got into or the suit that Obadiah Stane used in ? Thought to yourself – I want one? Well, maybe you can get that for not only you, but also your kids.

Kids Walker Exoskeleton Suit

Kids Walker Exoskeleton Suit

The Kids Walker Exoskeleton suit is a big mechanical robot that you control. Sit down in the chair and navigate through the foot pedals and hand .

And yes – this model is meant for Kids.

The company – Sakakibara – not only makes exoskeletons, but also food mixing machines. Pretty interesting combination.

The other exoskeleton looks like ED209 from . They also have other toys at the plant, like a really cool skateboard looking transport.

The Kids Walker doesn’t really walk – it rolls while the move around looking like it’s walking. The is really limited, but it’s a toy – don’t expect it to remove from the .

Just look at what you are sitting on. It’s a restaurant – style chair with no seatbelt.

But your kids won’t be able to save allowance for this. The is $21,000. Don’t expect it to replace a Segway anytime soon. Still, it would be pretty cool to tool around in this vehicle.

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