Show Us What Democracy Sounds Like: Wisconsin State Budget Protests

Protesting Snowmen

I know – this is not a political website. However, I cannot ignore the protests that are happening around me here in Madison, WI. Last night, The Wisconsin house tried to put a to fine the missing Democrats and push the State budget. However, their attempt was met with more protesting.

March 10th is going to be a powerful day up around the capitol. People are already getting prepared for the overnight stay. honking around the square to the chant “Show us what Democracy Sounds like”. Snowmen with of protest melting in the 35 .

Protest in Capitol

Keep in mind, the last time saw a protest to this , the was taking place. And what is more relevant – Other states are – or will be – struggling with the same issues.

Once again, this is not about taking sides. This is about showing the in Madison, WI. While Geekazine is not here to give a political voice, I am in the middle of a historic event. One that needs to be shown in video.

Man playing accordion

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