Supertooth Disco Dance


So to do the review video for the Supertooth Disco, I had to do another video – The Disco Dance. This was a 4 minute piece that shows you how wireless this device is.

There is no doctoring of the audio other than compression and leveling. The music is coming straight from the Supertooth Disco. The music is from Clear Blue Betty and the song is called “Bulletproof”.

Funny thing was I did this video twice, the first time there wasn’t enough lighting to make the green screen work. Every time I did green screen work, I was pretty static. This video had a lot of movement, which made the lighting and shadows act up.

The second video was better. Some of the green screen bled through, but I really like how it accented the video. Something to work on in the future.

So without further ado, here is the Supertooth Disco dance.

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