Top 10 People to meet @BlogWorld

Well, is only a couple days away and it is poised to be one of the most informative shows for any blogger, podcaster or videopodcaster out there. The reads like a United Nations summit of people in Social Media.

The most interesting part of BlogWorld & New is that you start to realize – We all don’t live in one spot anymore. While the West coast still has a great deal of Celebloggers, you will soon see that since you can create content from anywhere around the world, not all of those celebloggers and celebpodcasters reside there.

Here is a list of 10 people you should meet and learn from this weekend. As any list goes, we could go on forever. Nonetheless, here are my picks:

Adam Corolla

Of course, Adam has been a powerful name in the space. The best part is it’s not just Adam you should meet, but some of his team that will also be out there. Mike for example, is a podcaster and also the producer of the Adam .

Brian Solis

Brian has schooled many in Social Media. He coined the phrase “PR 2.0”. His new book, Engage, shows the evolution of new media and how to integrate in your to routines.

Mignon Fogerty

Mignon created the Quick and Dirty Tips network. Otherwise known as the , she strives to show people how to write better content. The Q&DT networks has grown to a full how-to network. From speaking better, improving your career, training your dog, to keeping up on your .

Darren Rowse

Becoming a Pro blogger can be a daunting task. Darren has shown people how to bring traffic and become successful. 31 days to build a better blog is a program he created for everyone to steer in the right direction.

John Chow

Ready to monetize a Blog? Well John Chow is the perfect person to help you with that. He has turned blogging into a profitable art form. If you want to make millions, or just pay your car off, John will give you all the tips you need.

C. C. Chapman

You might have heard of Mommy Bloggers, well C.C. is a Dad Blogger. He wrote “Content Rules – How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars to Engage Customers and Ignite Business”. A long name, but a powerful read in the new rules of social media.

Jim Louderback

Jim is the CEO of Revision 3 – a network of shows in technology that encases what is happening in the new media space. He also has some great names in the Revision3 stable that will be there, such as Cali Lewis.

Dave Taylor

Dave’s website – Ask Dave Taylor – sums up Dave’s expertise. Interaction. A Blog is not a Blog without people socializing, just like a Danish is a doughnut without the hole. Dave uses the people’s input to create his content.

Walt Ribero

Walt started by giving music lessons on uStream. However, Walt’s strong points are more on being offline than on. Meeting people and networking the good ole fashioned way. He can show you how to work each contact like it’s the President of the United States calling.


You might be the next new media expert. You might write the next book that changes the field. You could be the next on-air talent that millions listen to. This show is about you – so you should make it about you. Attend as many sessions and talk to as many people you can.

Like I said, there are many more people than the 10 on this list. I am hoping this will give you a well-rounded idea of why it’s so important to be at BlogWorld & New Media Expo. Networking, learning and practicing. The three key fundamentals to being successful.

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