Geek Smack! 221: Apple Stock Soars, Can it Hit $1000?


Geek Smack! Show Well, it happened. I un-cut my cable. But the reality was – there was a Charter special, which only added $2 to my bill. Bad for my Netflix subscription as I am seriously thinking of nixing it. In the episode I really go in-depth in the Geek side.


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Geek Smack! Tech News:

Goodbye to Cassdroid: 1981-2012
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Google Wallet to Square
– CEO makes a move
New Pinterest CEO
– Pinterest is on my Sh*t list right now.
Oracle Battles Google
– Battle on, Oracle.
Dell Buys Wyse
– Great for the thin-client market
Nokia Patent for Tattoo
– Buzz, buzz – your Tattoo is vibrating
Fisker Atlantic Pics
– The new Fisker Hybrid car
Exobyte Camera
– We’ll be able to see into space really deep…

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Voting (or ) – Nichelle Nichols for School Board

Geek Smack: Is Apple Stock Heading  to the Heavens, or Heading for a Crash?

$1000 a share. That is what some analysts are seeing in Applestock. It is looking like Apple could also poise to become the first company to hit $1 Trillion in revenue. An amazing   feat, and they have their fanboys to thank for that.

I do have to admit, my household has more Apple products than ever before. A Macbook to the left of me, an iPad in my bag, and an iPhone on the table. While I still have PCs, and my Macbook lives in a Windows world 90% of the time, I am still amazed how much I drank the proverbial Kool-Aid.

Some people are heralding CEO Tim Cook for continuing the trend that Steve Jobs started. I said it before – Jobs was the Pirate, now Cook’s job is to solidify the business so it leads the pack. Many issues arose after Jobs untimely departure. Foxconn’s staffing issues, the President indirectly calling out Apple for taking jobs overseas.

With any other CEO, that could have taken down the company. Cook is like an experienced ship captain, sailing effortlessly through the storm. Apple rides high after pioneering the MP3 music player, smartphone and (technically) the tablet. Think about it – how many people said in 2010 they wouldn’t own a tablet? I was one of them. All during this time, Apple stock rose. Ten years ago, it only would have cost you $12.37 a share to be a part of Apple.

This time last year, AAPL was at $238 a share. Now, it trades at $628, and grows at least $25-50 a share when a new product rolls out. If you had invested 1,000 shares last year, you saw a 3 time return. And according to the Analysts, it’s not done yet. If shares continue like this, you could see $1800 a share by next year (but more likely around $1200)! Is this a good thing?

Apple sits on top of a tall heap. It looks stable, and feels stable, but if this pile is to ever tumble, billionaires could become penniless within days. It may not happen. But I still wish I would have invested in Apple when I had the chance over 10 years ago…

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