Geekazine Podcast Ep 96 – The Late, Late Edition; Apple, Yahoo Q2 Results


OK, the website had some issues, THEN the Podcast computer acted up. OYE!… – Week 4 Summer of Podcasts & need people to talk to August 9th at the Podcast Carnivale – I hosted TPN Weekly this week – I did not participate on Podcampcity Online. This is why. – Show 100 is August 19th.

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Intel SSD Faster – Also Cheaper
Medical iPhonejuana– I find two shops in the morning…
1984 on Kindle – No more burning
Twitter Changes Movies – Siskel and Ebert
Foxconn Suicide – Wow.
Digg Bar Problem – Digging a hole through the earth…
No Black Wii – At least in US
Goodbye China – Sites go down
Vegas Goes WiMAX – Might be great for Coverage
Safer to Drive Drunk – then cell phone use

Apple Q2 Results – $900 Million Diffference from last year
-Microsoft Q2 Results – Thursday
Microsoft off Soapbox
Yahoo Q2 Results – Good, but not great
Yahoo Revamps – Too little too late?
TI Q2 – This is what matters

QOTW – Are Universal Chargers a Good Idea?

Palm Pre Returned – Defects on 1st gen Phone
Nebook Revolution – AT&T revamp
Why I am not Happy with AT&T

Lightsaber Flashlight
USB Hellicopter
Microsofts’ Weirdest Patent


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