How to Run QSC Touchmix App on Windows

I am a big fan of the QSC Touchmix. Keep in mind, this device really marks the change in Live mixing. professionals would haul in a heavy box consisting of a mixer, compressors, gates and EQs to do what this mixer the size of a laptop can. And it can also multi-channel record with only an SSD drive!

I do have one problem with the mixer. While I can use iOS and to mix channels, there is no Windows app to do it. With a Windows app, I can use the Keyboard, mouse and other USB ports to control the mixer. Most important, I can set up a macro program to change multiple items.

But worry not, because there is a way! An Android Emulator on Windows.

Get the Touchmix 16




After reviewing the versions of emulators out there, I went with AMIDuOS by American Megatrends. AMI has been around for many years (I had a couple AMI BIOS computers in my time) and the software is stable. Unlike other emulators, it runs Jellybean – which QSC Touchmix needs to work – and it doesn’t have ads in the emulator.

Sure, it cost $15 for the license. In the end, it’s well worth the investment.

Installing the QSC Touchmix App

If your computer meets all requirements of AMIDuOS, then you’re ready to go. You have to first turn on the Virtualization in the BIOS. Since it’s different for every computer, This document will help you through that. 

In Windows, download the version that suits you best and it. You will then have to the App from the Play Store, but to do that,you must first the Play store. AMIDuOS gives you instructions and a download link to do that as well.

QSC Touchmix Android App on Windows.

QSC Touchmix Android App on Windows.

Once all software is installed, simply make sure the computer is on the same network as the Touchmix, and load up the software.

Some things to note: This version of the software is in BETA at the time of record, but fairly stable. I have used it on a few Android devices without issue. I have even side-loaded on a Kindle Fire Tablet without problem.

While AMIDuOS doesn’t make a Mac version, you can find an emulator for Mac if you want to use the Touchmix software on it. Since I am using an HP Pavillion x360, I needed a Windows emulator.


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