Prototypes at Sony Future Lab

While at I got to check out the FutureLab and several products that connect us more into the Internet of Things (IoT). From headsets with new earbud designs to tables, and even new ways to game or interact with things.

In this video, we look at two items. First is the touch interactive table where you can set down items to pull information right from the page. An overhead projector and sensor recognition with a poliphany of 8 points can move items around, pull text, or simply identify the item placed on the table. Story books can come alive, card games can become more interactive, and the imagination can bring limitless ideas. Best part is any table can become an augmented reality device.

Another great IoT prototype was a simple alien shooting game they displayed. The projector is connected to gyros and a gun controls it’s direction to find all the aliens and make them surrender. A simple use for this item, with many great possibilities in the .

These are all prototypes and might make their way to market as-is, or turn into something more robust. For more information, check out Sony Future Lab


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