Find a Lifetime Job You Love with Elevated Careers by eHarmony

We all hate looking for a , but sometimes we look because we hate the we’re in. Going to sites can be as frustrating as filling out your taxes. eHarmony works on getting you the perfect relationship, now they are taking their algorithm to help you find the perfect with Elevated Careers.

“For years people have been calling themselves the ‘eHarmony of jobs’, and they’re not,” states , Director of Special Projects. “We figured we might as well be the eHarmony of jobs because we’re going to do it right.”

Dr. Neil Warren came out of retirement 3 years ago to reorganize eHarmony. He brought on Dan Erickson and Dr. Steve Carter to help take eHarmony to a new level with Elevated Careers.

The company is planning up to ten new verticals that stem from eHarmony. The idea is to have a strong healthy relationship when it comes to your job. To have that meaningful emotional connection might keep you in your job for 30-40 years. It might also help you in your personal relationship.

Elevated Careers joins the eHarmony algorithm with two other algorithms to match your profile – consisting of a resume and a simple questionnaire – to an employer you will be able to get along with. This is a matching system – not a job board filled with hit-or-miss job descriptions.

Signup to the site is less complex than eHarmony. You can even bring your resume from LinkedIn over if yours is not prepared. This is followed by a survey of questions on what you think the most ideal job is like. This gives you a list of jobs and what qualities you both share.

The website is in Beta but fully accessible to try. Elevated Careers is working with to supply around 2.5 million job postings per day. They are also partnering with AT&T, American Airlines, Home Away and more to give great starting points.

Visiting the offices of @eharmony for a very special company launch called elevated carers. # #SXSW #

Posted by Geekazine on Wednesday, March 30, 2016


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