Western Digital SATA Express Dual-Drive with 4TB HD and 128 GB SSD

Right before the International CES 2015, Storage Visions holds a small conference about the state of storage. While there, I talked with the folks at Western Digital () to learn about a new prototype dual-drive. This drive is a standard 4 TB hard drive but also has a 128 GB SSD inside.

I caught up with Fleming Doreng of Western Digital to find out more about this hard drive.

About the Dual Drive Prototype by WD

The drive utilizes the PCIe 2.0 x2 interface using a special cable. If you do not have the interface, you will need to get an adapter cable for power, and 2 SATA cables for the drives.

The drives can work as one or be separate drives. The SSD is like short-term memory and the HD is long-term. With this system and two SATA Express drives at 0, you can get up to 1000 MBps transfer.

Release and Price of WD SATA Express

There is no release dates as of yet. Of course this is a prototype so all specifications could change when WD releases the product. For more information, check out wdc.com


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