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New Geekazine T-Shirts Now on Amazon Store

I have some great news as I partnered with Amazon to sell some of my T-Shirt designs. I have offered these shirt in the past through other vendors. All of these T-Shirts are updated versisons, along with some new ideas. Each shirt is cotton (100% for solid colors, blend for heather grey). They are machine wash cold, and lightweight. Double needle sleeve and bottom hem so they don’t wear out too fast. The shirts are also in Kids, Women, and Mens sizes up to 3XL. The T-Shirts on Geekazine Merch Store – Best Geek Porn The Best Geek Porn Shirt is for you content creators out there. It’s a fun twist to being a content creator. The OGD – Obsessive Geek Disorder If you have OCD for your Geek obsession, this shirt is for you. Wear it with pride, but make sure all your storm troopers are lined...

Tim Westergren: How Cars Changed Pandora (and vise-versa) – #fordtrends 0

Tim Westergren: How Cars Changed Pandora (and vise-versa) – #fordtrends

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAs part of Forward with Ford, we stopped by the Filmore in Detroit for dinner and a show with the band “The Head and the Heart“. Before the show, Tim Westergren took the stage. Tim is the Founder of Pandora. Tim started by talking about the future of radio. He continued on how he was driving down the street in his own car. He mentioned how he was enjoying the station of music. All of a sudden he realized he was listening to Pandora. “I realized in that moment – it was a bit of an epiphany…” Westergren states. ” I was in a car and listening to radio; it was radio, it wasn’t my personal collection of music, it was coming through the stereo speakers of my car. I didn’t know what was next – it was a radio-like experience...

NoiseVision: How Ford lets Good Sounds In, Keeps Bad Sound Out – #fordtrends 0

NoiseVision: How Ford lets Good Sounds In, Keeps Bad Sound Out – #fordtrends

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSGood sound, bad sound. We don’t want to hear that over-volumed “Thump” of the clipping speaker in the car driving next to us, but we do want to hear when someone is honking their horn. We do want to hear a noise that illicits a reaction. That is what NoiseVision works on. The people at Ford created a sphere that listens for sounds. With 31 microphones and 12 digital cameras. They take the pictures of the sound and overlay a 3D image of the sound. We turned on a metronome to see how the microphones are taking measurements. The cameras will photo the area of the sound. If there is a noise that the engineers cannot get rid of, they can pinpoint it and find ways to mute the sound. It might be by layering or another method. So by doing...

How Ford Learned from Avatar: Motion Capture – #fordtrends 0

How Ford Learned from Avatar: Motion Capture – #fordtrends

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSLast year when I went out to Dearborn, MI, we saw a lot with virtualization. A mock-up car where you put on the gloves and glasses, then saw yourself move around in that virtual world. However, Ford has taken it to a new level – by simply watching how Hollywood does it. More to the point – the movie Avatar. In this area, we look at how a person gets into and out of a car. They can go from a compact, to a heavy duty cab. The frame and bucket seats will re-adjust for the next vehicle. It’s called HOPS – Human Occupant Package Simulator. It not only can record a driver getting in and out, but also a passenger. Using the motion capture suit, the subject will get into and out of the car. The motion capture cameras will...

Trend Setting: Ford Session Breakout – #fordtrends 0

Trend Setting: Ford Session Breakout – #fordtrends

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS The second session at Forward with Ford was in the Product Development center. The session is about trend setting. The topic is about the youth aspect of trend setting. What is happening with ideas and using that to their advantage. The Panel consists of host J Mays, Barbara Bylenga – Youth trend expert, Travis Lee – A designer with IDEO, and Anthony Prozzi – Interior designer at Ford. The first question J Mays asked was “Where do you get your ideas?” Whether through interaction or analytics, there are many ways to figure out a trend. J Mays suggests there is a difference between fads, Trends and Movements. “For me it’s when something you might call a trend becomes a value, becomes more than just a fad.” Anthony states. “The concept of Internet – how we have access to creation communication. That’s...