Trend Setting: Ford Session Breakout – #fordtrends

Trendsetting with Barbara Bylenga, Anthony Prozzi, J Mays and Travis Lee

Trendsetting with Barbara Bylenga, Anthony Prozzi, J Mays and Travis Lee

The second session at Forward with Ford was in the center. The session is about trend setting. The topic is about the youth aspect of trend setting. What is happening with and using that to their advantage.

The Panel consists of host J Mays, Barbara Bylenga – Youth trend expert, Travis Lee – A designer with IDEO, and Anthony Prozzi – Interior designer at .

The first question J Mays asked was “Where do you get your ideas?” Whether through interaction or , there are many ways to figure out a trend.

J Mays suggests there is a difference between fads, and Movements.

“For me it’s when something you might call a trend becomes a value, becomes more than just a fad.” Anthony states. “The concept of Internet – how we have access to creation communication. That’s totally changed paradigms on how we see is value – how we conduct ourselves.”

Barbara adds that once you can spot trends, you can change your values. She studies core values to try and explain the trends.

J Mays brought up the idea of shaping the customer. Can a fad or trend be shaped? Barbara talked about what we saw in the last 10 years. From Monica Lewinski to Enron to even current issues.

The question of environment was brought up. Changing to adapt the environment and knowing which “Flock of birds” to follow.

Other questions asked – How designs have changed in the years. Do buyers expect certain features nowadays? Do we become “Sensitized”? How technology is added and how it shapes the trend.

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