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Using an iPad, Tonebridge, Tabs, and iRig Stomp when Playing Your Guitar

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIf you’ve played guitar, you’ve seen other’s guitar pedal rigs. A big box filled with pedals and power cords so they can get the right sound for a song. But what if you could jam that all into one pedal? What if I said you can with an iPad, two apps, and a single pedal? You can then play your guitar and make it sound as close to the actual artist as possible. My guitar setup Simply put, I have an iPad Pro 10.5 (2017 model). Inside are two apps: Tonebridge, and Tabs. Both of these apps are made by Ultimate Guitar. Tonebridge App A simple app that turns the tone of a song into a simple pedal. Want to play “Stairway to Heaven”? Maybe some “Back in Black”, or “Purple Rain”? Just choose the pedal from the list. Each pedal...

Lok8u GPS Gives Children and Now Adults multi.m8 Freedom and Peace of Mind – CES 2010 0

Lok8u GPS Gives Children and Now Adults multi.m8 Freedom and Peace of Mind – CES 2010

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Last year we got to meet Andy and the crew from Num8 – the makers of the Lok8u GPS child locator. So when we saw them back this year at CES, we definitely wanted to chat once again. And once again, we were not dissapointed. Last years’ video, Andy McCaskey got to find out how the Lok8u was the device to have to keep tabs on children without having to watch them all the time. After all, we were all kids at one time. Most of us were also were not as supervised as some of the children nowadays. In fact, there was a time where we went over across the highway to the old abandoned 78 Chevy Nova in the woods and…. Well, that’s not important. What is important is if your kids do run off, then the Lok8u...

Startpage (Ixquick) is a Way to Offer Private Search – Frank Tests it Out 1

Startpage (Ixquick) is a Way to Offer Private Search – Frank Tests it Out

I learned about Startpage in an article on Reuters. Here’s a nugget: Startpage — also known as Ixquick outside the United States and Britain — had already offered private searching, but users would leave the company’s protection when they clicked on a search result and entered a third-party website. The new service offers use of a Startpage proxy that means the user is invisible to all websites, though pages load more slowly since Startpage must first retrieve the contents and then redisplay them. “My wake-up call came last year,” says Katherine Albrecht, who runs U.S. media relations and marketing for Startpage and who says she noticed Google Inc had installed a program monitoring users who typed in terms indicating they had influenza — and was sharing the information with the U.S. Center for Disease Control. So I decided to play around with it for a while.

A Look at Opera 10:  Mail, News, RSS 1

A Look at Opera 10: Mail, News, RSS

Opera v. 10 was released this week for Windows, Linux, and just about every other operating system. Since a lot of persons have never tried it, I thought I’d take anyone who’s interested on a tour of it. This is not an unbiased review. I am a rabid Opera fanboy; I’ve been using it since v. 5 (I think) and gradually have gradually moved more and more of my Internet life to Opera. Nevertheless, I hope it is a realistic review.