Apple iPad – The Rumor becomes Reality

Well, after weeks of , the Apple iPad has become reality. The 1.5 lb, 9.7 inch device with a 1 GB Apple processor in 16, 32 and 64 GB models. It’s an e-reader, it’s a photo book, it’s a video display and a lot more. All for a price that blows away Kindle.

The base device (running the software) has no camera, but does have GSM archetecture and possible connectivity. No OLED screen, but from the initial response is it’s fast and looks great. Of course it has no Arsenic or Mercury and is BFR and free.


The price list is interesting – 16 GB for $499. 32 GB for $599 and 64 GB for $699. Add 3G for $129. So you can get the base model, or the 64 GB with 3G for $829. Of course it does have WiFi connectivity.

The big “Fail” (for some) is the continued partnership with AT&T. However, you do not need to buy a , and if you do – there is no contract. $14.99 for 250 MB and $29.99 for unlimited plans. You also can use the AT&T hotspots for free. You just activate on the iPad.

The other new feature is the iWork – , Numbers and Pages. All for $9.99 each.

Overall: Pretty impressive demonstration. It will definitely be a device that will hurt Kindle sales and might replace some notebooks, but won’t take over any .  It’s too bad they cannot choose a carrier for their 3G connection. Would have been nice if it had 4G options and USB 3.0 specifications. It’s Audio is also in Mono.

**This device might just make the TomTom app worth the $99 price tag.

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