Ramblings 3-28-09 – Getting Ready for Snow

The best part is this is the last snow of the season and hopefully it won’t be as bad as they say. Just wet slush. Just a small , then .

Now on to some . I stopped by SWAP – Surpluss with a Purpose the other day. Basically, it’s a shop that gets furniture, computers and other interesting stuff from the University and other government offices. They then refurb and resell.

I was at the shop the other day and picked up a couple SATA for a few bucks. I went there looking for office chairs and couldn’t resist the deal. Didn’t get a chair though. Keeping my eye open for the right one.

We have some cool stuff happening. The big news on Tuesday in which I cannot really talk about, but some other is that we are starting another website on the Portal. Will be talking more about that soon…

Had some great numbers of for Week in Tech History and the Podcast. Thanks to all that downloaded and listened to both shows. Next week we’ll be introducing a new sponsor.

Frank has been doing some great stuff on the site. The Mini video has been watched by a lot of you. Expect some more cool stuff from Frank.

Started up the other videos for the upcoming weeks. Should have the first one next week. Also going to be recording some video with Andy McCaskey in the next few weeks. Should be a lot of fun.

Band has a few weeks off. Good timing, too. I have a lot of work with the new site coming up.

That’s it for now. Keep tuned in for the special announcements next week.

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