Ramblings – 5-02-09 – The CMS Expo in Chicago

About 5 minutes back from Chicago and am I taking a nap? No. I’m back on the site. What am I, crazy?

What a with Andy McCaskey and Karsten putting together 2-3 days worth of content. Lots of video uploaded and produced.

Also learned a lot about CMS systems. Most people there were either or Joomla shops, with a couple Plone and Alfresco . Still, there was a lot of content to go around. Met some real influential CMS experts.

There was a Joomla vs. Drupal theme going, though. They even wrote songs about it. I posted them both up – not great quality, so be forewarned.

Andy had the video covered. We had a great setup to interview. On the second day we had the of the system and were pumping out videos on ustream. , from , showed up to help out. I did mostly backchannel stuff and some schmoozing.

On Saturday, I decided to take a small excursion to for Photocamp. I have been hearing about this place called “Bucketworks” and was interested to not only catch a small part of the conference, but also to get a lay of the land. It was a pretty big place – I was impressed with how they had things set up.

Not much else to talk about. Everything was about this . Now I am off to play some

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