10-17-07 #3


Show #3 Notes – 10/17/07
[email protected]: Length: 55:47

Patenting the iPhone?
Microsoft Software
iPhone Unlock 1.1.1
Zune for $100
Leopard Release October 26th
Antipiracy Tool
Oracle Buyout?
Facebook – 13 Reasons Your Account Will Get Disabled
HD-DVD outsells – 4 – to – 1
Panasonic says Blu-Ray will be Victorious by New Years
Porno Filters broken
Access Hard Drive while is turned off
Pioneer Sacked?
Zeppelin Albums Go Online
10 Dumb Million Dollar Ideas
Trying to catch filesharers more costly than worth?
Microsoft Updating your files at will?
Internet II – Electric Boogaloo
HowStuffworks Acquired By Discovery for $250M


AOL Cuts 2000 Jobs
Anti-snoring Pillow?
Tiny PC

10 year Watch


Update Alert:

‘Gutsy Gibbon’ on Thursday
Oracle will push out 51 Patches
KDE 3.5.8

Links To Note:

Halloween Gadgets
Computers are NEVER obsolete
Build a into an Autobot.
Computers I worked with as a child….

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