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While at Barcelona, I got to talk with Dave Gibson and Cliff Wilke – both Chief Technologists at HP. They are spearheading the next wave in Enterprise with Wearable in what they call (DCA).

DCA is the ability to work cross-platform on all wearable devices with an API to attach to their program so they can send information on the go. The program checks to see if a device is available, then sends information. If one devices is not available, it will move to the next item. A smartphone, smartwatch, Glass, or other content-aware wearable.

A service person could get directions to a job, then instructions on performing duties. A first responder could get to the scene of an accident faster and possibly be able to connect with a doctor if the situation is beyond their knowledge.

This technology is in its infancy at HP, but the duo are dedicated to head this area. As wearables grow, DCA could send information, monitor sensors in devices and do a lot more.

DCA is secure with 256 bit Encryption. Everyone from a teacher to a paramedic, soldier, or home repair person could use this to make their travel and service time more efficient.


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