Kryo Smartphone Programmable Guitar Stomp Box to Whatever Pedal You Need

Most iOS or Android app pedals have to run on the mobile device. Kryo stomp pedals changed that idea as the pedal gets programmed, then you can turn off and put away that phone or tablet. The pedal takes the information to turn it into a distortion, reverb, phase, delay, gate, or other types of custom created stomp pedals.

About Kryo

The name itself was a late night think-tank decision. They made a play on the idea of making your guitar “cry”. The pedal is designed to go into your pedalboard without an issue. You connect via Bluetooth, and with the app, you bring the programmed tones into the pedal. You can even create a pedalboard with many Kryo devices, and change the tones as your playing.

The pedal is a black aluminum die cast enclosure. Kryo is a 3PDT – True bypass switch, with RGB Led light, and Mono Input & Output. The pedal sends your guitar tones in 24 bit audio @ 48kHz. Most important, you have a digital pedal that looks like the analog pedals you’ve been using for years.

Kryo is in pre-order status right now and starts at $149. You can get the Kryo Stomp Pedal here.


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