Litra Torch, LitraPro Full Spectrum Bi-Color Action Light for Video, Photos

I got to talk to Litra at NAB about the CES award winning itra Torch, which they gave me one to use during NAB. We also talked about the new , a Bi-colur light coming real soon.

Litra Torch

Also called the “”, the Torch weighs 6 oz, and can put up to 800 lumens with the press of a button. The Torch is small, so you can put it almost anywhere for a cool light shot. It has 2 mount screws for cameras, and is even magnetic – using the stickable mounting discs.

Since it’s single 5700K color, you can use filters to diffuse or change temperature. The caps simply snap on the front of the light.

The Torch is also waterproof to 30 feet, which makes this a great light to have for your drone, when your fishing or kayaking, or just need an emergency light.


The folks at Litra also showed us the LitraPro – a LED Bi-color light that can change from 3000k to 6000k. The light will run 1 hour at 1,000 lumen, and 10 hours at lowest setting. The camera is also waterproof to 90 feet, and tested MIL-SPEC810.

The LitraPro has an LCD display and can also be controlled via Bluetooth on your phone.

Using Litra Torch at NAB

I had 2 Litra Torches on my camera. One with a 3000k filter, and the other with a diffuser. I also used a single torch when I recorded via phone. It gave me ample light during interviews, and lasted most of the day. I did notice the device getting hot by the end of a longer interview, but within tolerance.


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