McPherson Carbon Series Guitars Bring Strength, Quality Sound

High end Acoustic have been made of wood to get the body and brilliance. While isn’t the best sounding material in it’s rough state, the folks at knew they could eventually mold it into something that does not only have the sound quality, but also the strength for any touring musician.

About the Guitar

Created in Sparta, Wisconsin. McPherson Guitars builds the Carbon Fiber alongside their other custom wood guitars. The carbon fiber shell is pressed using a special mold and a special proprietary blend is used on the back of the guitar to control sound and give it the mellow tones, resonance, and sustain.

The carbon fiber body makes this guitar more resistant to heat, humidity, and the accidental drop. The neck is made with a 57 million modulus truss rod in the neck (steel is 28 million). Since it is also carbon, the truss rod is also resistant to rust.

McPherson has also worked hard in bringing a pickup system into the series. With LR Baggs 9 volt element inside, you can plug into any PA system to amplify your guitar. You can also change out the pickup to your favorite brand and tailor it to your standard.

There are two models of the Carbon Fiber series – the Touring guitar and the Sable guitar. Touring is a smaller body guitar and the Sable is based on their Camrielle series wood guitar.

Prices start at $2,400. For more information check out


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