Movie Studio 14 vs. Vegas Pro 14 from Magix: A Comparison

I Vegas Pro for most of my post-production. I love the fact it’s a one-time purchase, along with the idea which started in my home town. Last year, purchased the suite. They have since upgraded both Vegas and Movie Studio . But which one should you get?

Before you start, check out the review of Vegas 14 on .

Differences Between Vegas Pro and Movie Studio

Overall, these are the main differences between the two versions. For some of you, most of these features might not make a difference. Therefore, I highlighted some of the important points when creating a simple YouTube – style video.

  • VEGAS Pro Connect (mobile companion app for iPad)
  • Sony Wireless Adapter proxy-first workflow
  • Track Grouping
  • Application scripting and extensions (enables users to automate virtually any operation in the application)
  • Project export and advanced project archiving
  • Unlimited audio and video tracks (limited to 200 each in VMS)
  • Support for high frame rate video
  • Project-wide video event resampling mode setting
  • HEVC import and export
  • Native ProRes support
  • 32-bit video processing
  • CEA-608 closed captioning support
  • Multiple compositing modes
  • Fully customizable Bézier Masking tools
  • Smart Upscale plug-in
  • Smart Zoom plug-in
  • Smart Adaptive Deinterlacing
  • Video Scopes
  • Adjustable velocity envelopes (for slow/fast motion changes over time)
  • 3D composite mode (manipulate a track’s video output along three dimensions)
  • CALM Act compliant loudness meters
  • Project interchange
  • XDCAM Explorer and complete workflow
  • Smart no-recompress rendering
  • Layered Photoshop files (layers open to different video tracks)
  • Track automation mode
  • Expanded edit mode
  • Custom keyboard mapping
  • Digital Audio Workstation tools and powerful Mixing Console
  • Input audio busing
  • Real-time render (for use with input audio busing)
  • Additional audio buses
  • Assignable audio effects buses
  • External control and automation support

Vegas 14

There are three versions of 14 – Standard, Platinum, and Suite.

First thing you notice from Vegas Pro is the color scheme – a darker interface with a very light blue button scheme. Four tracks are available to you for video and audio. On top is the explorer window and preview pane. On the bottom you find all the buttons you need.

The most noticeable difference from Sony Vegas Movie Studio 13 is the streamlined interface – there is no Advanced or Simple mode for touchscreens anymore. Magix sticks with the customization edit area so producers can work.

But one item that Movie Studio default layout left out was the trimmer pane. You can bring that in by going to view-window-trimmer.

Vegas Pro 14

Vegas Pro adds much more for a video editor. Masking is a big feature I use when creating content. While you can mask on Movie Studio, it’s a lot more difficult, and you cannot track-mask (or set up movement in the mask).

Vegas Pro 14 also has a color corrector if you are using different cameras, and an audio mode to dial in the sound better. Movie Studio is expecting creators to make a main video layer, overlays, a main audio track, and possible music track for ambiance.

In the Video

I walk through all the areas of both programs, including how to render the video.


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