Ricoh Theta 4k 360 Degree Camera with 3D Spatial Audio

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Ricoh was at NAB showing off the new Theta sp360 4k30fps 360 degree camera. A long awaited upgrade to the Theta S camera. The updated camera will not only do 4k 30fps in 360 degrees, but it will also incorporate 3D Spatial Audio.

What is 3D Spatial Audio

When you are recording 360 video, capturing audio from where it originates can help in getting that full experience. The binaural audio will move with the video when you are watching on computer or through a VR headset. The 4k camera houses 4 microphones to capture the surround sound for this to happen.

You will also be able to control from an Android OS device, and stream in 4k (if appropriate WiFi is available).

There is no price point set at this time, but the Theta 4k30fps camera will hit this summer. In the meantime, keep an eye on for more information.


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