Sunbrite TV Takes the TV Outside at Infocomm 18

Taking a television outside is easy, but mounting, and keeping that TV in working conditions 365 days a year becomes the challenge. The store bought TV is not intended to be used like that. Enter in – a division of . A company that installs A/V solutions outside.

How Sunbrite TV Works

Whether residential, or commercial, Sunbrite TV comes in to create a solution for your outdoor entertainment needs. Monitors that can counter the elements – no matter where you live.

The custom monitors include casing that keeps it dry, and environmental controls to allow it to continue working when the temperature exceeds specifications. Even housing for your cable boxes, OTT units, and more.

The Veranda 4K series comes in a variety of sizes, and starts at $1,500. Worth the price to watch the game in 120 degree heat, or tundra cold.

Get a Sunbrite TV here and check out their website for more information.

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