The VR180 Video Owl: Recording Stereo 180 Degree VR

While at , I ran into Mark W. Gray, and his daughter, Fiona, along with a very interesting . It is not really as much a prop as what it can do – create Video.

YouTube Announcement at Vidcon – 180

Last week I reported on YouTube announcements. One announcement dealt with VR180 (video link queued up for you). This is a form of video where you only see the front side of 360 video. Just like if you were there. Looking behind you won’t matter, as you see nothing past the first degrees. For creators, this allows a focus on the important content – an interview being conducted, a race being run, band playing, etc.

Stereoscopic VR180

If you own a VR unit such as Google Cardboard, Oculus, or another headset, you will be able to set your Youtube video to watch in VR180 mode. If two cameras are recording, you can choose the Stereoscopic mode, which will send video in 3D – giving you a more in-person feel to the video.

The VR180 Stereoscopic Owl

Mark W. Gray saw the need to make a mount for the popular 360 camera – the Kodak PixPro 4K. He created a mount that spaces the two cameras at the right distance so a creator can use the cameras to create the stereoscopic look.

The Owl is simply a skin to the cameras. “Nobody got excited (for the cameras) like they do when they see the owl,” said Gray. They first debuted the Owl at a Renaissance Faire, and decided to bring the owl to other events. You could easily make other skins for your video if you wanted.

Who is Mark W. Gray and

Gray is a producer and director of music videos, shorts, commercials, and feature videos at Rocket Pictures. Gray also created Professor Puppet, a web series where an Einstein-looking puppet talks with celebritiies, solves crossword puzzles, and gives general thoughts.

Fiona Gray joins Mark with the CraftyTime Podcast. One video on the podcast shows the Owl being added to the VR180 system.


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