Zuta Portable Mini Robotic Printer from ZutaLabs – SXSW 2015

Zuta Mini Robotic Printer in Action

Zuta Mini Robotic Printer in Action

While at the Paypal lounge at SXSW 2015, I got to hear Sir Mix A Lot talk about the projects he works on. Thats where I first heard about Zuta. This is a that can fit in a bag and print anything when paired to a phone or other .

The Zuta printer is a device shaped like a teardrop. The corner allows you to align the Zuta on the page (top-left corner). Pair your device to the Zuta and a blue light comes on. It’s now ready to print.

This is a black monochrome printer that pulls the image from the phone and prints out. While photos might not come out too well, you could print out tickets, emails and other things you want a paper copy for.

Don’t expect this to be a fast printer – the Zuta page in the video took around 3 minutes. But if you need to print out something, Zuta portable printer can be very handy.

This started as a Kickstarter and raised over $500,000. Zuta will be coming to market soon at $199 price point. For more information, check out Zutalabs.com


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