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PicoBrew Introduces PicoU For Craft Beverages

Updating their craft beer brewing appliance line, PicoBrew has announced PicoU, a universal craft beverage brewing appliance. The PicoU brews a wide range of beverages like coffee, tea, kombucha, milk-based drinks, yerba mate, and more. It will also brew craft beer. It uses PicoBrew’s time, temperature and fluid-flow control to brew a variety of high-quality beverages with a single appliance. Now you have one appliance for almost all of your drinks. This is going to be good. This WiFi-enabled appliance has a sleek design and is the company’s smallest appliance yet. The Kickstarter for the PicoU started earlier today. You can choose between two versions: A basic and a deluxe version. The basic version supports a single-serve coffee configuration, so you can brew pour-over coffee with your own coffee beans and you can also dispense hot water for tea and other beverages. It also brews compostable ?PicoPak Minis?...

PicoBrew Homebrew Beer Appliance

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSMaking beer like you would coffee? Yes, please. The PicoBrew beer appliance allows you to make your own beer within 5-7 days. Perfect for home brewing enthusiasts. The PicoBrew system uses PicoPak to hold the ingredients for your brew. Simply add the ingredients into the brewer, and then put it into the fermentation keg. Within the week, you’ll have a great beer to enjoy. Picobrew has over 150 partner beers that let you create their favorite brews. The Picobrew starts at $799 and is available now.