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Vote for Geekazine on Bitstrips 0

Vote for Geekazine on Bitstrips

Bitstrips is having an Awards strips and Geekazine has been nominated for the “GTA IV” strip we did a few weeks ago. I am including the strip below. Feel free to vote and tell all your friends to vote, too!

Happy July 4th – Bitstrips Friday 0

Happy July 4th – Bitstrips Friday

In the US we are going to celebrate Independance by drinking, eating and watching fireworks. Pretty cool, eh? I myself will be playing at Shipwreck Bay on Lake Castlerock. Come say hi if you like. Here’s a special Bitstrips for ya!

Goodbye, George – Special Bitstrips 0

Goodbye, George – Special Bitstrips

George Carlin is not known for being a tech geek, but he is a geek nonetheless. George Carlin passed away the other evening. I won’t tell you how many times he’s made me laugh. So in honor of George Carlin, here is a special Bitstrips:

Alternate Biofuel – Bitstrips Friday 0

Alternate Biofuel – Bitstrips Friday

This week we poke fun at the many different people trying an alternate biofuel. From water to trash, we should have many choices to what our next fuel is, right?

Aerosmith on Guitar Hero – Bitstrips Friday 0

Aerosmith on Guitar Hero – Bitstrips Friday

This week, we note the upcoming release of Guitar Hero:Aerosmith due out in stores later this June.

Slice of MacBook Air – Bitstrips Friday 0

Slice of MacBook Air – Bitstrips Friday

There have been some claims that the edge of a MacBook Air is so sharp it can slice and dice. This week we look closer at this….

No More Coffee – Bitstrips Friday 0

No More Coffee – Bitstrips Friday

I went to my favorite coffee shop today and found it was closed down. I couldn’t believe it… So I wrote a strip about it.

Evolution of Man – Bitstrips Saturday 0

Evolution of Man – Bitstrips Saturday

It’s a special Bitstrips because this one hits true to most geeks. Thanks to mnyassh for letting me use it.

New iPhone coming – Bitstrips Friday 0

New iPhone coming – Bitstrips Friday

Maybe someday I’ll get to sit and talk with Steve Jobs. Until then I’ll have to make up the interview in my head. Because there has been talk of the new iPhone coming out on June 9th. Also there has been talk of Apple getting the gamers with a new handheld system. So I just had to ask Steve….

Final Negotiations with Yahoo – Bitstrip Friday 0

Final Negotiations with Yahoo – Bitstrip Friday

This week we sit down with Steve Ballmer and Jerry Yang to try and resolve this merger issue. Dr. Eric Schmidt also joins the group. Select the picture to enlarge.  

Twittering with Scobleizer 0

Twittering with Scobleizer

Sorry for the late strip, was with a client all day. Earlier in the week I had a Twittversation with Robert Scoble. It went something like this:  BTW: Not all comics are meant to be funny. Just poignant.

Mr. Bitstrips Comic Creator 5

Mr. Bitstrips Comic Creator

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOK, so sometimes I go a little overboard. But it’s fun. This is my newest BitStrip based off the popular light beer commercial. Let me know what you think…. Audio for this strip is Below.

Digg Labs – Watch the people surf. 1

Digg Labs – Watch the people surf.

I have to admit, I have sat there and watched the Diggs happen. Little graphics showing how people are surfing the Digg Website. Either the Stack option, the bigspy, pics or even the arc. What am I talking about? Well, over on you have Digg Labs ( . The Labs are a great way to see who is selecting what. It also gives you an idea how popular a story is in a graphic way. The Stack, Swarm and Arc options show a graphic interface, while the bigspy just pushes text down the screen – the bigger the text, the more popular the article. The pics can be interesting to watch. It may take a while if nobody submits a picture with the article. Not as exciting at the arc or stack, but it does have some merit. All in all, it’s pretty cool to watch. Just...

Ruputer Turns 10 5

Ruputer Turns 10

It’s a watch. It’s a Computer. No – it’s a RUPUTER. RuPuter is a 16-bit 3.6 MHz watch with 128K of Ram. It has a 102×64 pixel monochrome LCD. It also contained a joystick for gaming, and 6 buttons for functionality. It could connect via serial interface or Infra Red to communicate with other devices, like another Ruputer or Windows 95. It really was a marvel of the time – 1998 to be exact. It contained W-PS-DOS version 1.16, and had an icon filled GUI. It also had an expansion option of another 128K. There were some competitors to this like the Fossil Wrist PDA. It had a slightly bigger screen , connected via USB and ran Palm III software. The batteries didn’t last long, but the watch was still impressive. Still, this is about the Ruputer – for on April 9th, 2008, the Ruputer turns 10. It was concidered the first...

Memory Appliance – Violin 1010 1

Memory Appliance – Violin 1010

I remember the first time I bought RAM. I got 8 – 1 MB chips of memory for $40 a meg. Ah those were the days. Where’s the Pianer? Nowadays everything is getting “Farmed” – where the item is not directly attached to a single computer. A Hard drive farm allows scaling the size of your shared folders or whatnot with a few clicks of the mouse. If Microsoft and Intel get the Parallel systems running, then processors will also be Farmed out. So it only goes to say that memory is the next thing to go. Enter in Violin and the 1010 – an appliance that farms out memory. Using the Violin Intelligent Memory Modules (VIMMs), the DRAM based chips will send out memory to where it’s needed. You can use DRAM, NAND Flash or both, and the machine will support up to 504 GB of RAM.

Bitstrip Friday with Bob Barker 0

Bitstrip Friday with Bob Barker

The facial features seem to need work from Bitstrips. But we’ll overlook that and post this weeks’ strip. Bob Barker from the Price is Right.