Absolute LoJack Challenge & My Stolen iPhone Story

Absolute Lo-Jack Challenge

Absolute Lo-Jack Challenge

NOTE: This is a post brought to you by Absolute . The Contest part is over. All opinions on software are those of Geekazine.

Last week I announced a contest and talked about going #DigitallyDark for the Absolute LoJack Challenge. I have actually had this happen to me, which is a far better story than any “recreation” I could make. That is when I started thinking about better protecting my devices, especially since  I need them to do my job.

Remember: A is stolen every 50 seconds. That laptop could have your vacation or kids photos, tax or other business documents, or even a list of all your passcodes for home and work.

Worse yet, Consumer Reports states that 1.6 million smart phones were stolen. 100 devices stolen in 60 seconds! Some of them were NOT from cherry pickers (those who grab phones sitting on a table or bar). Some of those thefts happened while people were talking on the phone. That is a scary situation.

And your tablet? That can be taken as well. Just as easily as this:

or even this. He punched an 8-year old boy for this , folks!!

This kid got his iPad back – smashed. But not all theives are caught.

My Stolen Story

It was a hot July day. Jennifer and I were going to head up north and spend time with friends at their cabin. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up snacks and drinks for the 2-day excursion. I left the window open only a couple inches, thinking that was not a problem. Further, I noticed I left my phone in car while at the store, but thought the doors were locked and it will be fine. 

I was wrong.

When we walked out of the store, an employee went running in front saying someone’s car was broken into. He headed toward a mini-van, so I didn’t think much of it. Turned out – the mini van was the woman who first noticed the problem. The kid was able to get his arm in and press the unlock button. He opened the door and grabbed my phone. The car alarm went off, but he laughed it off to the woman saying he pressed the wrong button. Then he sped off on his dirt-bike.

I got lucky, though. In the back seat was my Macbook, iPad, and newly acquired Google Glass. He could have run away with over $5000 worth of electronics if he spent a little more time in my truck. I went to the store and got a $15 phone for phone calls and texts until I could get back. Ultimately, I had to buy another phone – out of contract.

I had insurance, but the deductible was $500. Not worth it for a $550 replacement. A friend, who works at my phone carrier traced the IMEI number. It got turned on once in Chicago area, then it was gone. Most likely shipped overseas where tracking is a lot harder to do.

Anyone can steal your device.

Watch as this 7-year old girl steals an iPhone from somebody’s back pocket in 3 minutes.

Absolute LoJack to Protect

As I stated before, Absolute LoJack is data protection software that will help protect your device if lost or stolen. Upon police report, their patented software works so the thief cannot get to your data. You can instantly lock the device, delete information, and locate using GPS or Wifi. The LoJack team works hard to find your laptop, tablet or .

I Have it Installed

I have a saying: Fool me once… I have Absolute LoJack on my Macbook Pro. After all – I use it for everything! If it was to get stolen tomorrow, I have things backed up, but I want more than just an insurance policy. The installation was not that difficult. I did it in an airport with 4G wifi. It was installed within a few minutes and has not affected the Macbook’s performance (which I need every little bit of it).

Get Absolute LoJack

Get yourself two years of the standard subscription now for the price of one! That is $39 savings for a mobile device and $59 for a laptop! Simply go to absolutelojack.com/challenge for more information on Absolute LoJack products and to redeem this exclusive offer.

The Absolute LoJack #DigitallyDark Contest

From March 18-24th, you can come and enter to win a 1 year subscription to this smartphone, tablet, and laptop tracking software. This is up to a $60 value to protect your valuables. Simply fill out the form below. For more chances to win, follow me on Twitter, Facebook and answer the questions!

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