How to Embed Instagram Video on Your Blog, Upload to YouTube

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Instagram Video Cover Image Copied to Blog

Instagram Video Cover Image Copied to Blog

Last night I recorded 15 seconds of my band on Instagram Video. A fun little project, but now I want to take these videos and put them in with others I created with the band. Further, I would like to embed the video up on the band’s website.

Well Instagram Video makes it easy to do. Let’s show you both ways.

Embed an Instagram Video:

For this, you will use Chrome or Firefox.

  1. Navigate to your Instagram Video you want to embed.
    You can do this in , or from the Instagram page. 
  2. Secondary Click (aka Right-Click) on the Video
  3. Choose “Inspect ”.
    A frame will appear on the lower half of the screen. This is a sandbox area for to test out ideas.
  4. Secondary Click the highlighted line
    This will be the actual for the video.  It will look similar to this:
    <=”id_51c5f95348fa97e32770346″ width=”398″ height=”398″ src=”″ controls=”1″></video>
  5. Choose “Copy as HTML”. 
  6. Open your Blog, switch to Text (HTML) view
  7. Paste the contents in and save or publish.
    If you are blogging for a publication, this code may be wiped from the page when you save it. If anything, you can take the src and create another type of enclosure if needed.

The puts the video on the page like this.

You can also do the same with the image. Before you click on the image to open up the video, secondary click the image and choose to Inspect element. Copy the HTML to another tab, then secondary click the image and choose to download it (or save link).

How to Upload Your Instagram Video to YouTube

Just as easy as getting the embed code, you can start to copy right from Instagram or Facebook.

  1. Secondary click on video
  2. Choose “Download this Link”
  3. Save file to computer
  4. Open YouTube, choose Upload
  5. Navigate to video and upload it

That is it! You can upload this video, or use a to put it in a of other videos. Have fun with your Instagram video and let me know of your videos!

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