Facebook’s Email Killer that’s Not an Email Killer

Today, announced an expansion of their . It’s not here to replace email, but to enhance it. However, with opportunity that no one will get any more and usability will be easier simply because it’s within Facebook, would you really want to keep your other email account?

I personally have more than one email address. That is part of my role. I figure that this will just be another extension to mail collection.


The more functionality that gets added, the more people will use it. If there are no attached, then expect the masses to gravitate away from their hotmail, , and accounts.

Even businesses might move to the service.

Now before you discount that statement: I remember when Gmail started business services and the same thing was said. Now there are companies that ditched their Exchange servers for a Gmail apps account.

The only thing I am interested is the ability to save my email for personal archive purposes.

In the meantime, you might not get the full functionality of facebook email right away – unless you know someone that gives you an invite. Still, I know if my mother can get email in Facebook, she’ll finally ditch the free service that puts malware and ad popups on her computer.

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